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Why do we feel helpless at times?

Just saying the word, I feel all my energy disappearing down some trap hole.  I’m not talking about chronic depression or bi-polar rather that more common feeling of being STUCK.  Like a rabbit sitting in the headlights.  That yoke upon your shoulders weighing you down.               I’ve been there, it was a grim place. It […]

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How to overcome blushing once and for all

Just the very thought of getting embarrassed is enough to set your cheeks and neck on fire. Your mind is running on overtime. “What will people think? That’s it, there’s no way I’m putting myself into that situation again. Why does this happen to me?” Why do we blush? Yes, yes when feeling embarrassed or […]

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How to let go of performance anxiety?

Do you know the feeling? That dry throat, knotted stomach, sweaty palms?  Even worse your knees chattering as you stand there.  It happened to me some 20 years.  Not a word uttered, my armpits a mess. Body an anxious heap. Fortunately

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3 Special Steps – What to do in a Panic Attack

3 Special Steps – What to do in a Panic Attack In my last blog Panic Attack – a message from your mind which you may or may not have read, I talked about what it feels like to have a panic attack. Since then the law of attraction has been working in powerful ways, […]

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Panic attack – a message from your mind?

Our mind is the most complex and amazing organ on earth. Yet it comes with no user manual at all. This seems like a huge oversight when you realise that even a tube of toothpaste has ‘user instructions’. I’m not even going there! Right, so here we are with this amazing piece of data processing […]

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Welcome to Doreen Gowing Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy discover the power of your Mind Your mind, how well are you using it? We are what we think, when we change our thinking we change our world. Create inner peace and discover your potential. You already have the most powerful asset in the world on your shoulders. Now it is time to discover […]

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