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Beliefs – Who do you think you are?

5th Tuesday, 2011  |   General, Information on Different Conditions  |  Comments Off

Beliefs …. Empowering or Dis-empowering … that is the question.

Once upon a time people believed the world was flat, to them it was simply the truth.  We now know this was just their perception of the world.

We all have beliefs about life and the world we live in.  Most of us are familiar with Henry Ford’s quote, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right”.

Are your beliefs Empowering you or Dis-empowering you?

What are your eyes filtering in your life?

What are your Core Beliefs?

Very often it is our sub-conscious negative core beliefs which keep us in pain or suffering,

despite all our conscious positive actions.

When we change our negative beliefs and thoughts we discover who we really are and our world changes.  Free from Fear

YouTube Video Who you really are

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